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Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian Cuisine

History of Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is rich in various recipes. The development and formation of Ukrainian cuisine is closely related to the history of Ukraine. At different times, different parts of Ukraine were part of other states. This fact outlined its own culinary characteristics, which today have shaped the cuisine of Ukraine. However, the national cuisine of Ukraine should not be perceived solely as a combination of the national cuisines of other states and peoples. Ukrainian cuisine has a unique history, origin and cultural traditions. Like any other cuisine, Ukrainian has its own regional differences and is influenced by neighboring countries, but overall it is one of the most unique and diverse national cuisines in the world.

Basics of Ukrainian Cuisine

What historically determined the basis of Ukrainian cuisine was the use of a closed fireplace, the first semblance of an oven. This factor shaped the basic technologies and traditions of cooking in Ukrainian cuisine - boiling, baking, stewing. Such cooking methods are able to preserve the beneficial properties of the prepared products and prevent the formation of carcinogens characteristic of recipes for dishes that involve frying or smoking during the preparation process.

The Influence of Cuisines of Neighboring Countries on Ukrainian Cuisine

However, it should be said about other features that Ukrainian cuisine adopted from other nations. For example, processing individual ingredients of a dish in hot oil was typical of Turkic tribes, and is not at all characteristic of Russian cuisine. In Ukrainian cuisine, this technique is used when preparing both first and second courses. Let's take, for example, a classic dish of Ukrainian cuisine - vareniki. The basis for this recipe was taken from the Turkish dish dush-vara, which in appearance resembles dumplings. What made the above-mentioned dish unique was the Ukrainian national filling - cottage cheese, cracklings, cherries. The appearance and use of chopped products came to Ukrainian recipes from Germany.

Salo in Ukrainian Cuisine

It is impossible not to mention another product that is a distinctive feature of Ukrainian cuisine - salo. In Ukraine it is consumed as an independent product, as well as fried or salted. Salo can also act as an addition to other products; salo in Ukrainian cuisine is used for frying.

Borscht is the Hallmark of Ukrainian Cuisine

Another equally important feature of Ukrainian cuisine is the widespread use of vegetables and legumes. Vegetables are ingredients for various dishes and side dishes. Legumes, mainly beans, act as additives to various dishes. Vegetables include potatoes, beets and tomatoes, and pumpkin. However, it should be said that potatoes themselves have recently taken root in Ukraine and are used mainly in recipes for main dishes. Tomatoes and beets are more common; modern Ukrainian cuisine cannot be imagined without them, in particular, Ukrainian borscht is a beetroot soup with a large number of ingredients. Borscht is one of the main dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Borscht has a complex cooking technology in several stages, various serving options - hot or cold, and can also be prepared with or without meat broth. In general, they say that every family in Ukraine has its own unique borscht recipe.