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French Cuisine

French cuisine recipes

The Popularity of French Cuisine

French cuisine enjoys well-deserved respect all over the world. France in culinary terms is a benchmark for the cuisines of many countries of the world. French cuisine formed modern table etiquette, which largely determines the cultural level of people. French cuisine is by far the most popular national cuisine in the world, despite the increased popularity of, for example, oriental cuisines - Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine, although they have become quite widespread in the world, they have not supplanted the positions of French cuisine.

Formation of French Cuisine

French cuisine, initially formed under the influence of Italian cuisine, later itself became a trendsetter in culinary fashion in European countries, and then all over the world. French cuisine has collected all the best that was invented by culinary experts from all over the world, and elevated cooking to the rank of art - today the importance of French cuisine for world cuisine can be equated with the importance of classical European music for world musical culture. French cuisine is an essential part of French life and can serve as an excellent characteristic of the French nation.

Variety of French Cuisine Recipes

French cuisine can be divided into three parts - regional French cuisine, general French cuisine and gourmet cuisine - for example, the cuisine of the French kings. This division is rather arbitrary - if in some of the provinces a local dish is classified as a common cuisine, then in Paris it will be considered a regional dish. Regional French cuisines differ significantly from each other. For example, in the coastal regions of France, seafood predominates in recipes, while Alsatian cuisine is rich in cabbage and pork dishes, and in the southern provinces of France, dishes are spicy and extensive use of wine for their preparation.

Sauces in French Cuisine

French cuisine is a cuisine that uses expensive ingredients and complex recipes to prepare gourmet dishes. But not complexity is the main difference between French cuisine and others, but a huge variety of sauces used in recipes for cooking French dishes. In French national cuisine, several hundred, if not thousands, of various sauces of various types and purposes are used. It is the competent use of sauces that gives individuality and expressiveness to French dishes.

French sauces got their names according to different principles. There is a group of sauces named after their creators or personalities famous at that time - these are bechamel sauce, subiz, mayonnaise and others. Some sauces were named after the countries to which, according to the creator of the sauce, it corresponded, while not having any relation to this country - Italian, Portuguese, English, Dutch sauce. Sauces were also named after foreign cities - Roman, Venetian, Geneva and others. Another variant of the names of French sauces is the name of the area in France itself. These include Provencal, Norman, Gascon, Rouen and other sauces.

French Food

French cuisine is rich in variety. One of the main French dishes is salads. France is also famous for its cheeses, widely used in traditional French cuisine - Roquefort, Comte, Chevre, Cantal, Camembert and other types of cheese. A place of honor in French cuisine is occupied by various pates - from chicken or goose liver, from rabbit meat, from pork liver and many others.

French Cuisine and Drinks

Another of the hallmarks of French cuisine is the use of wines, liqueurs and cognacs in recipes for French dishes. In most recipes for French dishes, the wine is evaporated at least twice, while the alcohols evaporate, and the residue gives the dish a unique aroma and taste. In French cuisine, wine is also used as the base for various marinades for fish and meat. But spirits are themselves an integral part of French cuisine. The French are especially proud of their fine wines - wine brands such as Bordeaux and Burgundy are widely known. France is the birthplace of cognac and champagne - spirits popular all over the world.