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World Cuisines

Swedish Cuisine

Swedish cuisine, for all its apparent simplicity, includes many recipes for a wide variety of dishes - from pickled herring to sweet pastries.

French Cuisine

French cuisine is well-known all over the world for haute cuisine, but French cuisine includes many recipes for ordinary home-cooked dishes.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is one of the most distinctive cuisines in the world, and Japanese recipes use mostly fresh food.

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine includes many traditional recipes, one of the features of Turkish cuisine is its division into the climatic zones of Turkey.

Uzbek Cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is distinguished by the originality of recipes for dishes and the peculiar manner of their preparation, the recipes of Uzbek cuisine have a unique flavor.

German –°uisine

German cuisine, like many other national cuisines, is divided into regions of Germany - each has its own signature German dish, which must have a history.