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World Cuisines

Russian Cuisine

Russian cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the Russian people and other peoples living in Russia.

Jewish Cuisine

The history of Jewish cuisine has its own unique characteristics, like any other; Jewish cuisine has a fairly ancient history and culinary traditions.

Moldovan Cuisine

Moldovan cuisine is quite original, despite the influence of cuisines of other countries, Moldova was able to form its own unique national cuisine.

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine includes many traditional recipes, one of the features of Turkish cuisine is its division into the climatic zones of Turkey.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has a rich history and traditions; recipes for Indian dishes are distinguished by the extensive use of spices and seasonings.

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is very diverse, there are significant regional differences, and it includes many traditional recipes.

Azerbaijani Cuisine

Thanks to the wide variety of available products, Azerbaijani cuisine offers a wide range of recipes for national dishes.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is one of the most distinctive cuisines in the world, and Japanese recipes use mostly fresh food.

Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine combines the culinary traditions of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and the influence of the cuisines of Slavic peoples.

Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is rich in a variety of recipes; Ukrainian cuisine has a unique history, origin and cultural traditions.

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is one of the richest national cuisines in the world; recipes and dishes of Moroccan cuisine are known all over the world.

Chinese Cuisine

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and as a result, Chinese cuisine has evolved over a long period of time.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a combination of Spanish cuisine and the Aztec traditional cuisine that previously lived in Mexico.

Greek Cuisine

Centuries-old traditions and a responsible culinary approach create the Greek cuisine whose recipes can be seen today.

Armenian Cuisine

Armenian cuisine is the most ancient national cuisine in the Transcaucasus, and it contains both traditional and modern Armenian recipes.

Italian Cuisine

Today, Italian cuisine is not only the best cuisine in the world, but also one of the most fashionable cuisines.

Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is one of the cuisines of the Caucasus; Georgian cuisine recipes combine the traditions of Asian cuisines and the culinary characteristics of European countries.

French Cuisine

French cuisine is well-known all over the world for haute cuisine, but French cuisine includes many recipes for ordinary home-cooked dishes.

American Cuisine

American cuisine was formed under the influence of the national cuisines of the peoples who explored America, in combination with the culinary traditions of the indigenous population.

Belarusian Cuisine

Belarusian cuisine has its own unique characteristics that distinguish it from all other national cuisines of the world.

Uzbek Cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is distinguished by the originality of recipes for dishes and the peculiar manner of their preparation, the recipes of Uzbek cuisine have a unique flavor.

German Сuisine

German cuisine, like many other national cuisines, is divided into regions of Germany - each has its own signature German dish, which must have a history.

English Cuisine

English cuisine includes traditional English dishes, as well as many recipes borrowed from other countries.

Swedish Cuisine

Swedish cuisine, for all its apparent simplicity, includes many recipes for a wide variety of dishes - from pickled herring to sweet pastries.