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German Сuisine

German Сuisine Food Recipes

Regional Features of German Cuisine

German cuisine is one of the main European national cuisines. As in many other countries, the cuisine in Germany is divided by region, there are, of course, generally accepted traditions, but still each region has its own specialty and must have a history. For example, Bavaria is famous for very hearty meals, including roast pork served with potato dumplings. But even in Bavaria there are districts with their own culinary specialties, for example, trout, which is often served in the Bavarian county. To the west of Bavaria in Avia, you can try noodles with beef stew. This dish is very popular in all regions of Germany, with the exception of the Rhine region. In the northwestern part of Germany, where the coal industry is mainly developed, Eintopf is a very popular dish among miners. It includes meat and vegetable stew; this dish is often called "one pot" as all the ingredients are cooked together.

German Cuisine and Festive Dishes

The German calendar is littered with various holidays and festivals. Every year on the first Sunday of Advent - the period before Christmas, many Christian families prepare an Advent wreath. The wreath is made of evergreen tree branches and decorated with four red candles. The wreath can be hung from the ceiling, decorated with red ribbons, or placed in the center of the dining table. Every Sunday, and there are four of them before Christmas, families gather to sing carols. Of course, what holiday can do without a feast. During the Christmas period, a wide variety of pastries are cooked, special Christmas bread is cooked. All children in Germany are waiting for December 6, when St. Nicholas comes, the kids believe that he has a big book in which it is written who behaved well and who behaved badly. And, of course, good kids receive gifts in the form of sweets and gingerbread. For Christmas, many parents prepare a gingerbread house with their children, decorating it with various sweets. And here is the long-awaited Christmas - it comes on the night of December 24-26. On the 24th, the whole family gathers at the table, where their favorite Christmas dish is waiting for them - baked goose with vegetables and potato dumplings. If there are hunters in the family, roast venison can be the main dish. In the spring, after a long fast, the people of Germany celebrate Easter. The children begin the Easter bunny hunt, believing there is an egg hidden in the Easter bunny. On the Easter table, the central dish is roast lamb or lamb meat.

German Food Recipes for Oktoberfest

Throughout the summer, each city and each region celebrates its own holiday, a festival is held with a wide variety of national dishes. In September, the world-famous Oktoberfest is held in Munich. Millions of people flock to Bavaria from all over the world. During the festival, everyone drinks beer and eats various German dishes. Snacks for beer are smoked tenderloin, fried fish, ham, grilled chicken, ribs, sauerkraut, hot German potato salad, steamed sausages, all kinds of sandwiches - and you can't list them all.

Everyday German Recipes

Everyday food in Germany is a little different from a festive or festival menu. Of course, there is a large assortment of pork and poultry dishes, but all this is used in combination with a large number of vegetables, both raw and stewed. Meat is often served with potatoes and salad. Soups such as Eintopf are mainly prepared during the cold season and are sometimes served as a main course as this soup is very thick. Eintopf is a common name for all thick soups, it can be lean, with chicken, meat or fish. In addition to meat main dishes, German cuisine is rich in salads, which include sauerkraut, apples, beets, and green beans, which are very beloved by the Germans. As for desserts and pastries in Germany, it is not customary to serve them after meals, they are eaten separately as a snack in the afternoon. German housewives are famous for their desserts and confectionery that costs one Black Forest cherry cake or an apple pie. They serve pastries and desserts for coffee. It is strange, but the inhabitants of Germany drink coffee more than beer, although everyone knows that they drink a lot of beer there, even in some regions beer soup is very popular.