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American Cuisine

American Cuisine

History of American Cuisine

Considering American cuisine as a separate niche of culinary art, one cannot help but talk about the history of the emergence of the American state. American cuisine was formed primarily by the traditions of English cuisine of the 17th and 18th centuries. At that moment, English culinary delights were assimilated into the traditions of the North American Indians. First of all, these were dishes made from potatoes and corn. Subsequently, the already formed culinary tradition included the culinary features of the cuisines of other countries that were exploring the North American continent - French, German, Italian, Chinese cuisine. A certain turning point that defined the culinary traditions of the United States was the 20th century. During this period, the number of cities increased sharply, and the number of villages sharply decreased.

American Cuisine and Fast Food

Then the question deliberately arose about creating the fastest, most accessible, simple and inexpensive food possible. Thus began the widespread emergence of such a culinary term as fast food or fast food. The fast food concept involved the use of semi-finished products and the preparation of the simplest, but at the same time satisfying dishes. At this moment, hot dogs, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, French fries, cutlets, Coca-Cola, coffee and many other dishes of American cuisine occupied their culinary niche. Italian cuisine had an important influence here, which complemented American fast food cuisine with pizza.

Caesar Salad

US cuisine has formed a number of permanent traditions. The most common attribute of any meal, at any time among Americans is salad. The most popular salad is Caesar salad, one of the privileged appetizers of American cuisine. The main components of the recipe for this salad are lettuce, grated Parmesan cheese, and wheat bread croutons. If you need to be saturated with calories, boiled eggs or boiled chicken can be included in the Caesar salad recipe.

American Main Course

The range of main cource of American cuisine is represented, as a rule, by grilled meats. These can be various sausages, steaks, beefsteaks - here it should be said about the rather active influence of German cuisine. The use of meat may differ in different regions, for example, beef steaks are typical in the Midwest. The southern states have completely adopted the traditions of Mexican cuisine recipes, which in turn, just like the American one, was formed thanks to immigrants from Europe. Demonstrative dishes in the latter case are the preparation of burritos and stuffed peppers. The most representative traditional meat dish of American cuisine is the Thanksgiving turkey. The turkey recipe involves the use of spicy spices, stuffing with chestnuts and serving with lingonberry sauce. As a side dish for meat, you can highlight rice, again as a note of influence from Chinese cuisine. Recipes for various dishes are incomplete without a wide variety of spices - pepper, cinnamon, ginger, etc.

Other Features of American Cuisine

As for the sweet table, American cuisine also has many interesting variations and varieties: puddings, pancakes, donuts. A huge number of interesting and tasty drinks, tea, coffee, compotes, ginger beer, etc. An interesting feature of restaurant cuisine is ice. A jug of ice is an indispensable attribute of a decent feast. Despite the fact that the pace of American life requires fast food, and the entire culinary industry is built around this, it cannot be said that American cuisine is completely devoid of traditions. The influence of the culinary traditions of the peoples who developed these lands, combined with the traditions of the indigenous population, created a unique American cuisine.