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Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

History of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a combination of Spanish cuisine and the traditional Aztec cuisine that previously lived in Mexico. First of all, it should be said that a distinctive feature of Mexican cuisine is a large number of spices and bright artistic decoration of dishes. The first geographical discoveries of the Spanish conquistadors showed that the main ingredients of Aztec food were cereal dishes with the addition of spices, chili peppers and tomatoes. It is important to say that at that moment the birth of Mexican cuisine as such essentially began. This happened due to the assimilation of European cuisine into Aztec cuisine. Rice, pork, beef, chicken and much more were imported from Europe. We can say that Mexican cuisine is a rather interesting combination of the culinary traditions of the indigenous peoples of North America and Spanish cuisine. However, the influence of local ancient traditions should not be underestimated. The high level of culinary art of the local population was noted by the first settlers from Europe.

Corn as One of the Foundations of Mexican Cuisine

From ancient times to the present day, one of the main ingredients in Mexican cuisine recipes is corn. Speaking of corn, it should be noted that a significant number of Mexican recipes include corn. The tortilla, made from corn flour, is essentially a Mexican version of bread, and in the Mexican culinary tradition has a name - tortilla. Tortillas serve as the basis for most Mexican dishes. The two most common dishes made with corn tortillas and flour are burritos and enceladas. The enchilada is a tube with a spicy meat filling. The main ingredients of the enchiladas recipe are meat, tomatoes, and spices. A burrito is a pie filled with meat and a lot of spices.

Mexican Cuisine and Chili Pepper

Despite the ubiquity of corn dishes, the Mexican culinary tradition throughout the world is known primarily for its spices. Spices are represented by an extensive amount of chili pepper. A large number of dishes differ favorably from each other precisely by the different types of pepper that are added to the original recipe.

Regional Differences in Mexican Cuisine

The climate and regions in Mexico differ significantly from each other, as do culinary features. The north of Mexico contributes to the development of Mexican cuisine thanks to beef recipes. This happens because northern Mexico is hot and dry, and ranching is the main activity here. The South and East of Mexico are unique in that the dishes use chicken, which is cooked with a lot of herbs and spices. Central Mexico differs from other regions in that it had the strongest influence of Spanish cuisine at the time of settlement. Despite this, Central Mexico can offer a large number of unique recipes, such as barbacoa. Barbacoa is a grilled lamb dish with spices. As is typical for Mexican cuisine, grilling meat is the most common.